2022 Creative Writing Prize Results

March 28, 2022

The Creative Writing Program is pleased to announce this year’s winners. For more details, including the judges’ comments on the winning work, click here.


The Peregrine Prize from the Academy of American Poets
Awarded to the best original poetry by a graduate student

Contest judge: Rachel Zolf

Winner: Knar Gavin

Honorable Mention: Michael Martin Shea


The College Alumni Society Poetry Prize
Awarded to the best original poetry by an undergraduate student

Contest judge: Rachel Zolf

Winner: Pamela de la Cruz

Second Place: Sofia Sears

Third Place: Peyton Toups

Honorable mention: Jessica Bao, Husnaa Hashim, Quinn Gruber


The Phi Kappa Sigma Fiction Prize
Awarded to the best original short story by an undergraduate student

Contest judge: Weike Wang

Winner: Sofia Sears, “Roadkill”

Second Place: Emma Blum, “The Beach House”

Third Place: Andrew Basile, “CORRECTION”

Honorable Mention: Yueling Xu, “Wonderland”


The Judy Lee Award for Dramatic Writing
Awarded to a graduate or undergraduate student for the best script (stage, screen, television, or radio)

Contest judge: Brooke O’Harra

Winner: Sarah Potts, Arcadia

Honorable Mention: Rachel Swym and Jamie Cahill, LYRE, A Semi-Satirical, Fictional “True Crime” Podcast



The Lilian and Benjamin Levy Award
Awarded to the best review by an undergraduate student of a current play, film, music release, book, or performance

Contest judge: Anthony DeCurtis

Winner: Matt Shadbolt, “In Praise of EastEnders

Second Place: Gabriella Raffetto, “Behind the Backlash of Lil Nas X’s ‘Montero’ Music Video”

Third Place: Beatrice Karp, “‘Simple’ Cinematography: A Dramatic 12 Angry Men”


The Gibson Peacock Prize for Creative Nonfiction
Awarded to the best creative nonfiction piece by an undergraduate student

Contest judge: Ahmad Almallah

Winner: Sofia Sears, “The Night Of”

Second Place: Gemma Hong, “Taemong

Third Place: May Hathaway, “Mother Tongue


The Parker Prize for Journalistic Writing
Awarded to the best newspaper or magazine article, feature story, exposé or other piece of investigative journalism by an undergraduate student 

Contest judge: Lise Funderburg

Winner: Alan Jinich, “‘You never get that smell off your clothes.’”

Second Place: Pamela De La Cruz, “Sheltering Hope at a Violent Border for Migrants”

Third Place: Sophia DeGrands, “Higher Thinking”