LPS courses

The Creative Writing Program is proud to partner with Penn LPS Online, part of Penn's College of Liberal and Professional Studies, which offers a block of courses in creative writing, a certificate in creative writing, and a concentration in creative studies.

LPS Online offers both basic and advanced workshops and appeals to students new to creative writing as well as students with writing experience who want to learn new skills. Through a series of courses in fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and screenwriting, LPS Online courses focus on creative writing as a form of critical thinking, as a way to reimagine audience, and as a space of innovation. Taught by professionals in the field who have a deep commitment to Penn's creative writing practices and pedagogies, our courses cultivate both individual and group learning, providing an overview of the field as well as deep dives into literary genres. These courses are designed for hands-on, intensive study of the subtleties and power of language.

LPS Online courses also offer an unparalleled opportunity to join the world-renowned literary hub at Penn that includes the Kelly Writers House, PennSound, Jacket2, and Modern & Contemporary American Poetry (“ModPo”), all of which promote the living textures of contemporary writing: students can expect to engage dynamically with a vast range of public projects (readings, webcasts, podcasts, lectures, performances, and archives) that treat literature as a space of dialogue. This certificate is ideal for those who have always wanted to engage in intensive, high-quality writing workshops, but whose schedules make it difficult for them to enroll in a residential program. This certificate will also appeal to students who are seeking ways to complement their current full-time commitments with creative practice or who would like to explore a newly fulfilling creative career path.

For more information, visit Penn LPS Online.

Please note that Penn LPS online courses are generally not open to BA and BS students in the College, Engineering, Nursing, and Wharton. Current Penn students and Penn alumni should visit this link for more information about enrolling in online courses.