Looking For The Light: The Hidden Life and Art of Marion Post Wolcott

Car in desert

Paul Hendrickson



“Illustrated with 92 photographs, this affectionate biographical-critical portrait by Washington Post staff writer Hendrickson recreates Wolcott’s brave solo travels, from shantytowns and speakeasies to plantations, coal miners’ homes, strikes and swank beach clubs.” — Publishers Weekly

“This is [a] biography of a photographer best known for the compassionate Farm Security photographs she took during the final years of the Depression and nearly forgotten today. In 1941, at the age of 31, Marion Post abandoned her greatest passion to pursue marriage and motherhood, having produced a remarkable body of work in only three years. Few of the photographs here are familiar, but all are strong and enduring images of common places and common people, good-hearted Americans struggling to keep their lives intact during the most catastrophic experience of our century.” — Library Journal