Sorry Was in the Woods


Michelle Taransky


Omnidawn Publishing

"Taransky’s spare, remarkably surefooted poems are propelled by an urgent and luminescent perseverance in the face of finding one’s way, step-by-step in these dark times. 'Building the woods/ Is the last workaround/ How to define an approach / after an approach/ That changes' Her willingness to go further then most dare—formally, conceptually— marks hers as voice to listen for in the wilderness." – Susan Howe, author of That This

"Taransky writes from a ground that hovers inexactly between allegory and actuality, refusing to let those differing worlds tear themselves wholly apart. What stitches them together? Exactly these poems, filled not with plans, but with “the plans caution,” written by exactly this poet, whose poems are careful because they originate in a mind filled with care." – Dan Beachy-Quick, author of Circle’s Apprentice