Hemingway's Boat: Everything He Loved in Life, and Lost

Young Hemingway on his boat

Paul Hendrickson



“A lyrical and expansive search for the essence of a famous writer — heart, soul, and hull.” — Julia Keller, Chicago Tribune Top Picks of 2011
“The author, an accomplished storyteller, interprets myriad tiny details of Ernest Hemingway’s life, and through them says something new about a writer everyone thinks they know.” — The Economist Books of the Year 2011
“Hendrickson’s engrossing book offers a fresh slant on the rise and fall of a father figure of American literature.” — San Francisco Chronicle Best Books of 2011

“There’s never been a biography quite like this one. . . . The stories are rich with contradiction and humanity, and so raw and immediate you can smell the salt air.” — Publishers Weekly Best Books of 2011: The Top 10