Now You Can Join the Others

Cover art for Now You Can Join the Others

Taije Silverman


LSU Press

“Burning with memory, Taije Silverman’s Now You Can Join the Others is language possessed by grief and secret sight. Radiant, exact, porous. Frank and sinuous. This book is an astonishment of pages struck through with the acheful blessing of love, strange and trembling with time.” — Aracelis Girmay

“Now You Can Join the Others is a book of appetite, seeking, and transformation. Flooded with wild and convincing metaphor, the poems investigate forgiveness, memory, time, and desire; they are also preoccupied with democracy and its endangerment, love and its recombinations. In Taije Silverman’s world, absence has hair and tells stories, the body is a jar of hours, branches are epiphanies. The speaker of these dazzling poems is deeply human, and full of contradiction and compassion, a voice that presses the reader on, as in a story where both protagonist and reader find themselves caught between if and then.” Catherine Barnett