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Ron Silliman


Book Thug

Every moment of Revelator feels momentous — at once pivotal and fleeting. Reading Silliman’s galactic sneeze is a lot like reading television: propelling us with creative, abysmal energy into nothing, which is not at all a bad thing. — Prathna Lor, Lemonhound

Silliman’s artistic desire to pull everything in, to mark it, to keep it against the threat of global and personal apocalypse, makes this a work of what Martin Hägglund calls “chronolibido”: “Poetry engages the desire for a mortal life that can always be lost.” — Jessica Smith, Jacket2

In an age where poets and students of poetry tend to be at best modest and at worst melancholy about what their work can accomplish, Silliman is notable for having persistently and unapologetically pursued projects that are expansive and optimistic in their sense of how poetry can capture our experience of the world. — Sam Rowe, Full Stop