Uncreative Writing: Managing Language in the Digital Age

Wasting Time on the Internet

Kenneth Goldsmith


Columbia University Press


Brilliant and elegant insight into the exact relation of contemporary literary practices and broader cultural changes, explaining how the technologies of distributed digital media exemplified by the World Wide Web have made possible the flourishing of a particular type of literature.Professor Craig Dworkin, author of The Consequence of Innovation: Twenty-First-Century Poetics


What Goldsmith argues has significant implications for the world of poetry, poetics, and pedagogy. His book contains brilliant moments of exegesis and archival documentation, and its keen attention to, knowledge about, and currency in artistic practice makes it as much a user’s manual as a scholar’s tome.Adalaide Morris, The University of Iowa


In these witty, intelligent essays, Goldsmith brings his encyclopedic knowledge of radical artistic practice to bear on how the rise of the internet has irrevocably changed, or should irrevocably change, our existing conceptions of poetry. Goldsmith’s practice as artist and critic is deeply interesting. His book is sure to generate lively debate among poets, artists, literary historians, and media theorists.” Sianne Ngai, University of California, Los Angeles