The Walls Around Us


Nova Ren Suma


Algonquin Young Readers

“[An] Intricately plotted psychological horror story . . .  With evocative language, a shifting timeline, and more than one unreliable narrator, Suma subtly explores the balance of power between the talented and the mediocre, the rich and the poor, the brave and the cowardlyand the unpleasant truths that are released when these scales are upset.” — Jennifer Hubert Swan, New York Times Book Review

“[A] supernatural page-turner . . . In [Suma’s] story, some people are guilty and damnable, and some are innocent and goodand the ones who fall in between are simply innocuous. This stark character classification isn’t a flaw, but rather, a demonstration of Suma’s fantastic writing. Her images, even the horrible ones, linger like dust and glitter after an epic stage performance.” — Chelsey Philpot, The Boston Globe