Xfic: The Journal of Experiential Literature

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Jay Kirk

An experimental nonfiction journal founded by Penn creative writing instructor Jay Kirk, for writers who want to test the boundaries of longform. The type of stories we most want to publish are ones where the writer is in pursuit of immediate experience. Reality as it is unfolding before your eyes. Then, in workshop, we will take the raw material of experience and transform it into compelling narrative through radical and experimental techniques. XFic seeks writers seeking new ways to discover meaning, who seek to be more daring, more performative, more pretentious, more excellent, more virtuosic, funnier and weirder, and, most of all, who seek to directly engage reality and invent it at the same time (and who are capable of inhabiting such paradoxical spaces).

XFic is sponsored by the Kelly Writers House and the Creative Writing Program at the University of Pennsylvania.