Erica Hunt

erica hunt

Erica Hunt was the 2005–2006 CPCW Fellow in Poetics & Poetic Practice. Hunt works at the forefront of experimental poetry and poetics, critical race theory, and feminist aesthetics. She has written three books of poetry: Arcade, with artist Alison Saar; Piece Logic; and Local History (Roof Books, 1993). Her published and forthcoming essays include "Notes for an Oppositional Poetics" (The Politics of Poetic Form, ed. Charles Bernstein), "Parabolay" (Boundary 2), and "Roots of the Black Avant Garde" (Tripwire, forthcoming). Hunt's poems can be found in Moving Borders: Three Decades of Innovative Writing by Women (ed. Mary Margaret Sloan), Iowa Poetry Review, and the Virago Anthology of Women's Love Poetry. Hunt has also worked as a housing organizer, radio producer, poetry teacher, and program officer for a social justice campaign. She is president of the Twenty-First Century Foundation, which supports organizations addressing root causes of social injustice impacting the Black community. 

Photo: Erica Hunt reading the Frank O'Hara poem "Music" at the Poetry Project's Fiftieth Anniversary celebration of Lunch Poems.

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