Creative Writing Major

The Creative Writing Concentration for English majors (colloquially referred to as the “Creative Writing Major”) provides students with a deep grounding in literature as well as advanced study in creative writing. To fulfill this major, students may take courses in fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, journalism, playwriting, screenwriting, and writing for children and young adults. They may also take innovative workshops in cross-genre, experimental, and hybrid writing, including writing that engages community organizing, multimedia and visual arts, and performance, as well as for-credit apprenticeships and courses in the independent study of a genre or topic.

Creative Writing Concentrators take at least three creative writing workshops as part of their major curriculum. As a major, you’ll discuss what makes good writing not only with other English majors, but also with students from Engineering, Nursing, and Wharton, each bringing a different perspective on the craft and study of literature, creating out of many voices a collaborative, integrated writing community that is part of Penn’s Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing, home to Penn’s writing programs, platforms, and projects. The cluster of programs at CPCW, which includes the Kelly Writers House, PennSound, ModPo, Jacket2, and the RealArts@Penn program of paid internships in arts and media, provides opportunities to our majors in and out of the classroom, including readings, webcasts, podcasts, lectures, performances, and archives — all of which promote the living textures of contemporary writing. 

For a complete list of the creative writing workshops we offer, please click here to read descriptions of courses that attract around 800 students each year from across the university. 

Click here to read about our award-winning faculty in fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, journalism, playwriting, screenwriting, and writing for children and young adults.

All Creative Writing Majors are eligible to apply for Honors in English, writing either a critical thesis or a creative thesis.

Declaring your major

For complete details on English major requirements and to declare your major, please consult the comprehensive overview of the undergraduate major available at the Department of English, which includes information on next steps.


Current Majors with a Creative Writing Concentration

Miguel Aldaco LPS
Brandon Anaya 24A 
Eric Axilrod 23A
Jessica Bao 22A
Erin Brennan 23A
Alexander Burns 22A
Mikayla Cassidy 24A
James Chang 22A
Armando Chardiet 25A
Celine Cheung 23A
Rachel Collison 24A
Saranya Das Sharma 22A
Francesca Davis 23A
Jihan Davis 22A
Makena Deveraux 23A
Kaliyah Dorsey 22A
Lily Druker 22A
Margaret Dunn 23A
Quinn Gruber 22A
Sara Hansson 22A
Mahailya Hinsey 23A
Eva Ingber 23A
Angela X Ji  23A
Megan Lentz 22A
Jacob Lewin 23A
Esther Lim 24A
Jessica Lipman 22A
Calista Lopez 22A
Sophia Anna Lotman 24A
Xuan Yi Lu 22A
Kira Lucas 23A
Henry McDevitt 22A
Ryan McLaughlin 22A
Erica Messics 24A
Sophie Nadel 23A
Anna Naggar 22A
Haley Nguyen 23A
John Nycz 24A
Fatma Omar 23A
Rachel Pak 22A
Delaney Parks 24A
Sophie Quaglia 22A
Gabriella Raffetto 24A
Ilyse Reisman 22A
Lucas Schrier 24A
Lee Schwartz 23A
Sofia Sears 23A
Erinda Sheno 22A
Sarah Shin 24A
Madeline Song 23A
Lily C. Stein 22A
Savannah Stone 22A
Max Strickberger 22A
Shunmel Syau 22A
Julian Valgora 24A
Nikki Velletri 23A
Abigail Walker 23A
Michael Wenger 22A
Yujie Wu 22A
Yueling Xu 23A
Ashna Yakoob 23A
Zoe Young 22A
Chelsey Zhu 22A